And then $724 in a week…


I recently sold $724,000 in a week. I know you’re busy (the best part honestly is that this actually allows me to work less!). Here’s what I’d tell you if you want to do it: 1. Have a total singleness of purpose. (I actually stayed in a gorgeous house, food was cooked for me andRead More

$350k in 30 Days


Wow! What a web show. If you missed Facebook Ads to High End Sales, here’s the recording. We didn’t plan on releasing it, but it’s the smartest, most actionable content I’ve ever given. And it really did sell $350k in 30 days. Enjoy! (And don’t forget to click the link under the video to apply for yourRead More

Exactly What to Sell


Hope you’re well during this profound time of year. Sorry I’ve been a bit out of touch, but I’m taking a bit of vacation (amazing that we have this pool all to ourselves!). Just wanted to touch base, then I’m getting up from the fireplace and taking a swim. Often people assume that this timeRead More

6 Easy Steps to More Sales Now

6 Easy Steps to More Sales Now

Having done over $40 million in sales, people often ask me what’s the guaranteed path to selling. Interestingly, I’d never really thought about there being a set process that works until they did. Thank goodness for clients! They will always teach you what you need to know. Here’s the exact way to stop worrying aboutRead More

The Fastest Way for an Entrepreneur to Make Money

Fastest Way to Make Money

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been there. Whether in starting a business, in a cash crunch or simply wanting to make more, there are times when we need to generate money quickly. In the $40 million of sales I’ve overseen, here’s what I know works best: create a list of people who are closest toRead More

The One Best Tip for An Entrepreneur

Idea Image

One of the biggest struggles I see in the people I work with is that they’ve been told a million ideas that should work as entrepreneurs ~ and none of them are. My best tip for anyone is to get a very real goal (mine was  financial sanity for my future children) and to beRead More

5 Ways to Make More Holiday Sales through Social Media

Holiday social media icons

It’s that time of year. It’s when products hope to sell the most and service-based providers assume no one really buys. Here are 5 effective ways to make more sales this holiday season. 1. Tell their husband that Santa sent you (or wife, or the Three Kings…please substitute freely in this post!). If someone hasRead More

Don’t Forget Launch Your Next Product or Package with Social Media!

Launch your next product with social media

I’ve heard a lot of people saying lately that social media is ineffective as launch strategy. Nothing could be further from the truth! I’ve seen new entrepreneurs make $20k launching their first class using only social media. I’ve seen seasoned entrepreneurs make $15k in an hour – with no sales page. There are loads ofRead More

Six Figure Social Media Secrets


Social media can be an extremely effective sales tool if you know how to use it strategically. (I have clients making $100k yearly from it!) Here are some key tips you can implement today – no fluff, no big technical knowledge needed. These are simply things that get results. The first step to any saleRead More

Sales Strategy for Social Media

Facebook Social Media

Recently Facebook has changed how you can get people to see your posts. No more will writing a simple status update get you seen by your potential clients. You want your posts to get into the Top News feed as often as possible. It is based on a recently updated algorithm that is partially keptRead More